Head of Solution Energy Technology:

Guido Eberle
+49 8379 9209 - 401

We supply energy and contribute to the succes of the energy revolution

In the business unit energy technology we plan and implement electrical energy supply in the area of ​​industrial and plant construction.
These include high-voltage equipment for power utilities and industrial plants, transformer installations of sheet steel, precast concrete, or for existing buildings on site.
In our own panel building we manufacture type-tested enclosures for low voltage switchgear. The installation and commissioning of our power supplies we realize the world.
With services for customers such as energy supplier, industrial customers, public authorities and private clients include the designing, calculating, design and operation of electrical power supplies .
For the manufacturing sector in industry and SMEs and the public trading, we implement energy management energy monitoring systems in the area. Here our services ranging from concept development, design and commissioning of an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001.
We are strong partners !